Carroll Company (now Carroll CLEAN) - ORANGE-ALL

ORANGE-ALL® Cleaner/Degreaser
HEAVY DUTY * CLEANER * DEGREASER * DEODORIZER Biodegradeable Surfactants*No Pretroleum Solvents*No Bleach*No Ammonia Orange All®Cleaner Degreaser combines natural d'limonene with a superior surfactant system to create a cleaner degreaser with unequaled ability to dissolve and emulsify soils of all types. Quickly cleans without the use of petroleum solvents or glycol ethers (buytl cellosolve). Rapidly penetrates and emulsifies grease, oil, ink, blood, grass stains, pet stains, and other tough soils from washable surfaces. Also safe to use on aluminum, glass, and floor finishes. Twelve 1-quart containers per case.
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